America's Golden Age of Penmanship (1850-1925) produced the most graceful forms of handwriting ever developed by Western civilization.

Sull's Handwriting System is now available for learning these beautiful penmanship styles through a host of educational materials and products, including a thorough course of study for children in grades two and higher. The curriculum is especially designed to be flexible; while sections of the course are recommended for specific grade levels, older students and adults can enter the program at levels that are applicable for their own abilities. Instructional materials are available in American Cursive Handwriting and Spencerian Script.

In addition, students can learn the rich heritage of this unique period in American history by studying the legacies of the penmen who were instrumental in creating these vintage handwriting styles.

Michael Sull's newest book, American Cursive Handwriting is now available! This much anticipated text is the most thorough single volume on traditional cursive program to be published in the past 50 years.

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